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Whether you’re protecting a business name, logo, or slogan, Vancouver Trademark makes the trademark registration process easy for you, while providing top-tier service at all-inclusive rates.

STEP 1 - Comprehensive Trademark Search

Our trademark expert performs a thorough search of the CIPO database and other official sources. We review pending and existing trademarks that may obstruct your application.

STEP 2 - Filing Trademark Application

After we determine in our legal analysis and formal opinion that the trademark is registrable, we will draft, review, and file a trademark application designed to quickly proceed to registration.

STEP 3 - approval

Once your application is filed, our lawyer will answer any objections from the Examiner and/or Opposition may have and provide the necessary solutions for final approval and registration.

Stage 1

Trademark Search

Our trademark expert performs a thorough search of the CIPO database.

We review pending and existing trademarks that may obstruct your application.

Stage 2

File Application

Normally takes 3 days, during which the application is given a unique number and submitted into the registry.

Application is examined to ensure it's properly completed before being sent to the Examiner.

Stage 3

Examination Period

The Examiner conducts a thorough review of the application to determine if it qualifies for protection as a registered trademark.

This examination may take over 6 months and result in an Examiner's Report.

Stage 4


Once our trademark lawyers have addressed any objections or concerns the Examiner may have to the application, the Examiner will approve the application for publication in the Trademarks Journal.

Stage 5

Advertising Period

The Trademarks Journal provides the general public with two months to oppose the trademark, provided they have valid grounds for doing so.

Stage 6


At this stage, an application is allowed if there is no opposition to the trademark.

Stage 7


Once the final fee has been submitted a registration certificate will be sent to the applicant.

Stage 8


Canadian trademarks last 10 years after registration is approved. You can renew it indefinitely.

At Vancouver Trademark, an experienced trademark lawyer will prosecute your file from start to finish, with the goal of successfully registering your trademark in the most cost-effective manner possible.


all-inclusive pricing

We hate hidden fees too.

All our trademark package pricing is fixed and given up front - there are no surprises.

Monthly Payment Plans

Need payment flexibility? You got it.

We offer 3 or 6 month no-interest installment payments.

exceptional track record

We get brands protected. Period.

We have successfully processed hundreds of trademarks in Canada.

post-trademark support

We build long-term ROI for your assets.

We provide a complete spectrum of trademark services (litigation, portfolio management, licensing, international filing) aimed to increase the value of your investment as your business grows.

Canada Trademark Package

The following plan is an all-inclusive price package to register a trademark in Canada.


+$336.60 Estimated Gov't filing fee (one class of goods & services)

+$102 estimated per additional class

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