Vancouver Trademark

What You CAN NOT Register as a Trademark in Canada

Today We’re Going to Discuss What You Can Not Register as a Trademark Under the Canadian Trademark Sign So You Cannot Register Names or Surname.

You Can Also Not Register a Clearly Descriptive Mark So That is a Mark That Uses Descriptors for Your Goods or Services Such as You Cannot Use “Perfectly Clean” for a Dry Cleaning Service.

Number Three You Also Cannot Use Deceptively Miss Descriptive Marks So Marks That Are Misleading for Example You Cannot Use Sugar Sweets for Candy That’s Artificially Sweet.

Next, You Also Cannot Register Marks That Represent a Geographical Location.

You Can Also Not Register Marks That Use the Same Word but in a Different Language for Already Registered Trademarks or Pending Trademarks.

Also You Cannot Register Marks That Are Confusing or Similar to Already Registered or Pending Trademarks.

Last but Not Least You Cannot Register Words or Design That Are Similar or Can Be Confused to Prohibitive Parts What’s a Prohibited Mark for Example of Government Designs Such as the Canadian Flag.

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