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Why do I need a trademark lawyer in Canada?

Hiring a trademark lawyer in Canada is essential to navigate the complex world of trademark law and protect your valuable intellectual property. Here’s why having a trademark lawyer is crucial: In conclusion, hiring a trademark lawyer in Canada is crucial to ensure proper trademark registration, comprehensive trademark searches, effective trademark portfolio management, enforcement of trademark … Read more

What does a copyright lawyer do?

A copyright lawyer serves as a trusted legal advisor specializing in copyright law, offering essential guidance and services to individuals and organizations seeking to protect their creative works. With their deep understanding of copyright legislation and expertise in intellectual property law, copyright lawyers provide comprehensive support to clients in various aspects. Let’s explore some key … Read more

Can I File a Wordmark and a Logo on the Same Trademark Application?

One of the most commonly asked questions we get is can you file a logo and a wordmark on the same application, the answer is yes. Now there are some strategic benefits of filing a logo and a wordmark on separate applications but then you’re also looking at two separate application fees. Here at Vancouver … Read more

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What is a Trademark Opposition? 

Today, we’re going to talk about trademark opposition proceedings. There are essentially two scenarios in which a trademark opposition proceeding would take place. The first scenario is that your trademark application is being challenged by the owner of an existing registered trademark. The second scenario would be yourself are challenging a trademark application because you … Read more

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What is The Examination Period of the Trademark Process? 

Today we’re going to touch on the examination period of the trademark process. This is the stage of the process where you will have to exercise your patience and this process can take anywhere from six to seven months during the examination period. A trademark examiner will conduct thorough review of your application to determine … Read more

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What is the Nice Classification System?

You may be wondering what the Nice Classification system is. All new trademark applicants in Canada must adhere to the Nice Classification system. This is an international system that categorizes goods and services for the purposes of registering a trademark. In Canada, it is mandatory that all applicants pick a goods and services classification that … Read more

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What You CAN NOT Register as a Trademark in Canada

Today We’re Going to Discuss What You Can Not Register as a Trademark Under the Canadian Trademark Sign So You Cannot Register Names or Surname. You Can Also Not Register a Clearly Descriptive Mark So That is a Mark That Uses Descriptors for Your Goods or Services Such as You Cannot Use “Perfectly Clean” for … Read more

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What You CAN Register as a Trademark in Canada

We’re going to discuss what you can register as a trademark under the Canadian trademark site so you can register what’s known as a word mark such as company name a slogan a domain name or a product or service lining You can also register a design mark such as a logo or a graphic … Read more

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What is a Comprehensive Trademark Search?

Now you might be wondering what a comprehensive trademark search is and how a comprehensive search differs from a basic trademark search. A comprehensive search will yield more accurate and thorough results than a basic trademark search. A comprehensive search uses advanced algorithms, such as detailed filtered searches, common law searches; aspects of which are … Read more

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How Long Does it Take to Register a Trademark?

Today we’re going to answer the age old question, “How long does it take to register a trademark in Canada?”. Now, the trademark process itself has a lot of moving parts and stages, which lends into the actual length of the process itself. You definitely have to exercise your patience, but the rewards can be … Read more

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