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  Frequently Asked Questions  
  Does Vancouver Trademark have the expertise to handle my trademark registration professionally?  
  Yes. Vancouver Trademark has trademark lawyers and agents that have registered hundreds of trademarks for small to large businesses.

  I don't have a trademark on my current business name. Can anyone trademark my current business name?  
  Yes. Trademark infringement can destroy a business financially. Having a company register your corporate name can lead to the inconvenience and expense of legally having to change your current business name. All past efforts to promote your brand through marketing and your brand recognition will be lost to some other company.

It is highly recommended that you protect your corporate interest to avoid any future complications with trademark ownership. Call Vancouver Trademark today for a free consultation on how you can get started.

  If I get a Canadian trademark how long will this trademark be registered for?  
  Your trademark protects your intellectual property within the boundaries of Canada for a period of fifteen years and can be renewed for additional time after that period.

  If I get a Canadian trademark will it protect my business name in the United States?  
  Your trademark protects your intellectual property only within the boundaries of Canada. However, we do offer comprehensive and cost-effective trademark services for the United States. Please contact our office for further details.






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